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Find out why Fun Guy Inspection & Consulting LLC is a favorite among many other environmental firms specializing in water damage, mold inspection, lead testing, and asbestos analysis throughout the greater Los Angeles area.  The top choice of thousand of people.

Client Reviews     “Fun Guy was AMAZING, he made the process easy to deal with and was very professional and courteous of the situation we were dealing with. Highly recommended. Thanks Robert”  Steve T, Eagle Rock, CA

“Amazing Service” is just a common phrase used by many people and other environmental companies in the local Los Angeles area to describe Fun Guy Mold Inspections and its good news for those seeking the most from a mold inspection & testing service.  Robert Santanastasio is known for his honesty and integrity.  Find out what people are saying about this mold inspection company in Los Angeles.

“FunGuy Inspections” Robert Rocks ! Funguy made my mold problem very easy to deal with! Very fast and cost efficient! Highly recommend! Thanks!”  James, West Hills, CA

April 2012

Mold is a nightmare to deal with. When we realized we had a slow leak and needed to have a mold inspection, we were warned by so many people we knew to be very careful because a lot of times a company comes out for a “free mold inspection” because they’re basically going to “find” a disaster and then HEY, they can clean that right up for you for $$$$$.

We did a ton of research and, on the advice of many, looked into finding a company who will charge a set fee, come out and do a thorough inspection – if they find mold, if they don’t find mold, it’s one fee, no gimmicks or tricks – and that they don’t do the remediation process. Just the inspection. Most of the horror stories we heard from our close friends and also read in online reviews of companies – the place would come out and then would “find” tons of mold that they, then, were happy to remove. After thousands, in some cases tens of thousands, of dollars, they’d say “Yep! We got it all!” and that was that. Many of the reviews said the mold came back. Or that they found out there really wasn’t anything dangerous there in the first place. OR that the company just hacked into the wall and spread everything around.

This place is the real deal. Robert really knows his stuff! And the funny thing is one of the areas that I was most worried about behind our furnace took him all of a few minutes to inspect and say, “Well the good news is that’s just dust”. Haha. This is why I did not do my own inspection! And also why a professional should come in, and one who doesn’t have any other interest besides an honest inspection.  He charges a set inspection fee, and he simply does the inspection – either there is mold or there isn’t. He was very nice and super professional, and gave us detailed information on everything he found – both from air samples and mold inspection. He not only sent us the report from the lab, but also called in person to explain it in terms I could understand and answered all of my questions.

When we were in the process of buying a house, we didn’t fail to call him again to come do a mold inspection of the property, especially since there had been an issue with mold in the past in the house. The seller’s RE Agent was horribly rude to all of our inspectors, but really over the top embarrassingly rude to Robert. She was so offended that we had even suggested a mold inspection. He was nothing but professional and courteous even though she was seriously in his face the entire time, but he still managed to do this thing – did all of the air samples, mold inspections –  and found a small area of mold around the water heater.

We called a remediation company (recommended by a friend) to come in and remove it, and when they asked who our hygienist was and we told them, he was like “Oh man! Robert is really a stickler! He makes sure it’s really clean” Excellent! He was there when they were setting up their equipment to do the removal, and he also came back and did an inspection after they were done (that’s how it’s supposed to work, separate inspection and remediation companies. The final inspection ensures that the remediation was done completely and you won’t end up with another mold problem some months/years down the road). Also, thanks to his spotting the mold, they found that the roof had a tiny leak above the water heater so they were able to fix that instead of us finding that nice little suprise a few years down the road when it would have been a major problem instead of this tiny one.

We called him a 3rd time after we purchased the house and owned it – this time we could let him cut small holes into the drywall to really look inside there (I am very persnickety since we had such major issues in our previous residence. I just wanted to be 100% sure). And when I say small holes,I mean smaller than an electrical outlet. He was able to poke around in there with tools and such, and smell the air coming out from between the walls. I asked him to check several walls, and he really just gave us peace of mind. He also gave us a ton of information on how to stop our stucco from sucking up so much water in the back patio and how to fix some areas around the house where water was pooling when it would rain. It made all the difference in the world and was something we were able to easily do ourselves with some time and effort (and a few trips to home depot :P).

All in all, really a professional and kind, honest guy. I would (and have) recommend Fun Guy to anyone and everyone.  Shelly E, Thousand Oaks, CA

March 2012

I had some bad water damage after one of the recent rains.  I spoke with several companies and decided to try out Fun Guy Inspection as he made me feel the most comfortable and seemed to be the most informative.  The inspector and person I spoke with was Robert, he is very polite, punctual, respectful and knowledgeable plus the report was just what we needed to have our insurance company fix the damage.

I highly recommend Robert and/or Fun Guy Inspection to anyone with a mold problem.

Joann, D.  Westlake Village, CA

December 2011

Robert  Rocks ! Funguy made my mold problem very easy to deal with !
very fast and cost efficient! Highly recommend!
Thanks!  James West Hills, CA

Robert was AMAZING, he made the process easy to deal with and was very professional and courteous of the situation we were dealing with. Highly recommended. Thanks Robert!!   Mo K, Los Angeles, CA

January 2011

No one wants to deal with a mold problem, but Robert from Fun Guy Inspection made the ordeal a lot less painful. He was punctual, friendly, and thorough, and I’d recommend their company to anyone who has the unfortunate situation of a mold problem.

September 2010

I have used Fun Guy Inspection for my home in Chatsworth and was very pleased with the service. Robert was really helpful and detailed in his work and above all very reliable. I definitely would recommend him to anyone.

September 2009

If you have never experienced what it is like to discover your home has had a water leak and that there is mold growing in your walls …take it from me.  It is a very scary experience. Sure you hear about this on television but you do not expect this to happen to you.  I’ve watch where consumers get ripped off by persons claiming to know what they are doing and just shell out money with no results.  Blessed I am I have has Robert the Fun Guy come to my rescue.  I was a little leery of the name but he has the knowledge and was so polite and that put my mind at ease.  I called him on Tuesday he managed to move his schedule to be there the next morning by 10am and I took delivery of my Mold report by Thursday afternoon.  Robert has restored in my mind what customer service is all about.  This company has given me some sound advice in how to move forward from here and some valuable recommendations.  If you have a need for this service look no further…Call Robert the Fun Guy.  Valerie  Granada Hills, CA

December 2008

If you’re ever so unfortunate to require a mold inspection in your home, this company is the real deal! I found them on the internet after browsing and speaking with over 8 different mold inspection companies. The guy who helped me is Robert and he is an ANGEL!!! The whole process of evaluating mold, and if there is, remediation of the mold, and then finally the repair of the demo can be REALLY STRESSFUL. Robert is seriously an expert and answered all of my questions. He really went above and beyond when, even after the results came out, he was still willing to talk to me about the remediation process, many many other questions I had, recommendations to remediation companies, explaining in detail the verbiage of the mold report, and recommendations on some other things I’ve heard from mold remediation companies.

What I was most impressed with is that he was helping me with keeping costs down. For places he knew there wouldn’t be mold, he just told me. He could have charged me more by sampling as much as he could but he didn’t .

I recommend!  Jennifer C, Los Angeles, CA

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