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Find out why Fun Guy Inspection & Consulting LLC is a favorite among many other environmental firms specializing in water damage, mold inspection, lead testing, and asbestos analysis throughout the greater Los Angeles area.  The top choice of thousand of people.

Over the last 8 years Robert Santanastasio has helped hundreds of families bring their sick homes back to life.

Client Reviews     “Fun Guy was AMAZING, he made the process easy to deal with and was very professional and courteous of the situation we were dealing with. Highly recommended. Thanks Robert” Mo K.  Los Angeles, CA

“Amazing Service” is just a common phrase used by many people and other environmental companies in the local Los Angeles area to describe Fun Guy Mold Inspections and its good news for those seeking the most from a mold inspection & testing service.  Robert Santanastasio is known for his honesty and integrity.  Find out what people are saying about this mold inspection company in Los Angeles.

I highly recommend Robert from Fun Guy Inspection to anyone with a mold problem. 
                                                                                                                                                          Joann D., Westlake Village, CA

Specializing in Residential, Commercial and Industrial Building Inspections for Mold, Testing Mold Spores & Detection of Water Damaged materials in Los Angeles, San Diego, and Ventura Counties emphasizing indoor environmental health concerns and a healthy buildings.

The most important step in identifying a mold problem during a certified mold inspection for black mold/fungi is a visual inspections.  Fun Guy Inspections will help you determine the extent of water damage and  mold growth during your mold inspection. Call today (888)470-0470. Certified and Fully Insured.

During your Mold Inspection Fun Guy Can help:

  • Determine the amount of water damaged building materials after a flood or sewer back up.
  • Mold samples can be taken and help determine a “snap shot picture” of your indoor environment.
  • Physical mold samples including bulk mold samples, tape lift mold samples and swab mold samples, all can be taken by a mold inspector at the time of your certified mold inspection.
  • Allergen Testing can be completed to identify possible allergy triggers.

  • Our Services Include:

Commcercial-Building-Inspection-Testing-For-Mold-Spores-in-Los-AngelesResidential_Home_Inspecting_funguyinspections_LosAngeles-mold-testing  Water Damage Los Angeles Certified Mold Inspector Specialist

The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) has limited information on Permissible Exposure Limits PELs to biological contaminants within residential structures. Fun Guy Inspection & Consulting LLC uses EMLab, an AIHA (American Industrial Hygiene Association) accredited laboratory for all microbial analysis. Mold samples taken with Air-O-Cell cassettes can help determine if mold spore concentrations are normal or elevated within indoor environments during a mold inspection. Call today to learn more (888)470-0470.

Mold Removal Services will help eliminate moldy conditions that cause unwanted smells and unsightly conditions.

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    You Local Los Angeles Mold Testing Specialist

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    Robert from Fun Guy is your secret weapon when you are questioning if your building maybe sick from water damage, mold, lead, asbestos or other environmental factors.

    We inspect apartments, condos, million dollar homes, commercial and hospital facilities in Los Angeles, San Diego and Ventura Counties.